Enable Design collaboration on your OSS project

Empower designers, researchers, and product people to help you take your project to another level. ​​All through a simple, yet powerful folder in your project.

We will make sure to direct designers towards your project.

Learn best practises to do so
a .design/ folder in your repository


Commit your .design folder

Add a .design folder to your repository and Define your desired process for collaboration.

Make sure to provide guidance and access to design relevant materials.


Create & add your badge

Add the contribute.design badge to your README.MD.

We will scan your project and add it to our database instantly.

example README.md with a contribute.design badge

GitHub URI


Spread the word

We will help you spread the word about your project and design needs by listing them in our directory. We have great reach to many incredible designers eager to jump into the next unique open-source project.

Mention @contrib_design or @contribute@fosstodon.org in your post, and we will make sure to spread the word! ​

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