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OpenSource Software is eager to benefit from professional designers, researchers, and product people to help them take their project to another level. ​Most of them lacked proper guidance for non engineers to be able to contribute. Things changed though....

Contribution to OpenSource software got a lot easier – all through a simple, yet powerful folder in their project.

Discover projects open for .design
a sample design contribution to an open source project


Discover relevant projects

Browse through our directory of projects looking for design contributions.

Be sure to get yourself familiar with the project and understand what it does. We’re pretty sure every project can benefit from your skills.


Understand their needs & guidelines

Get yourself a little bit familiar with GitHub, browse through their .design guidelines, and start by looking into their issues.

If you feel you have an idea or question, do not hesitate to open new issues. But as usual – try to be as insightful as possible.



Contribute & Spread the word

Start collaborating and contributing to OpenSource Software. You will feel like a better human very soon – we promise!

Feel free to tweet about your experience with OSS – We will help you spread the word about your contribution and help you get the recognition you deserve!

Mention @contrib_design or @contribute@fosstodon.org in your post, and we will make sure to spread the word! ​

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